Interactive Learning Experience: Runescape

Runescape is the most influential online game for children on the market currently. The game is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game run by Jagex Ltd. that allows children to interact with each other as well as encouraging team effort and learning all at the same time. While playing the game, also your child will learn critical thinking skills.
Watching your child play Runescape is a good idea. The game is motivated by a continuous plot that users are encouraged to read before they begin each game. Children will learn skills such as mining, and smithing as well as fishing, cooking, and even herbology. While your child is playing this interactive game, they will not only learn about specific things (known as skills) but they will be concentrating on applied mathematics and science as well. Although there is combat involved, there usually is not any inappropriate graphics and the combat is generally against computer generated “monsters” such as dragons or trolls. Once your child has successfully slayed the monster, the monster will drop an item. If your child is working on herbology, for instance, they will collect a bundle of the herbs and then apply science in order to make potions.

Your child will engage in a learning environment that not only teaches healthy socialization, but also helps children with learning disabilities to concentrate and apply things such as mathematics. One of the best features of Runescape are the Quests. During the game, your child will be encouraged to solve and complete numerous quests. Through the use of critical thinking and common sense, your child will earn themselves more points and special bonus items for completing each quest.

Runescape, like many other games has the potential to be completely free (f2p) or you may pay a membership (p2p) fee of $5.95 per month. With members, your child will be able to engage in more critical thinking activities along with the ability to work on more skills. On the homepage of Runescape, parents are encouraged to read a message with tips on child safety from the Jagex Staff. Jagex supports a healthy online experience for children and supports parents in wanting their child to stay safe.