RS3 Invention Guide


The Invention skill was introduced on the RuneScape platform in the year 2016. It was the first elite skill that was added in the game and had a few requirements, such as level 80 in Divination, Smithing, and Crafting to unlock. This is the second skill to cap the highest level (120) on RuneScape, with the first one being Dungeoneering.

How to start?

Once you have each of the requirements listed above, you can make your way to the Invention Guild, located in the city of Falador. You can identify the guild through its Invention rs3 logo on the outside. A good thing is that there’s a tutorial that you can go through at the very beginning of training the skill to get a hang of it.

If you’re following the guide and you’ve reached this point, then we assume that you have already noticed that the Invention rs3 skill centers around workbenches. You may have already seen that there are numerous workbenches in various areas across the game, such as the Consortium Building in Keldagrim, and the Anvil in Seers’ Village. You can find anvils in Yanille and Varrock, and similarly, you can use the furnace located nearby the Ardougne Church. Plus, there’s the Oldak’s Lab in Dorgesh-Kaan that can be accessed.


However, let’s get started with the invention training rs3. You will have the option to level up equipment right before dismantling them to gain tons of experience in the skill. Siphoning is also a good method, but you won’t get as much experience because you get to keep the equipment. Gizmos can be made as well for levelling up, but the method is quite costly. Finally, there’s the item creation method, where you can grind by creating siphons to reach level 120.

The most preferred way we recommend in this rs3 invention guide is levelling up the equipment because you can perform the task with the help of other skills, as both your equipment and your skills level up together. Once your equipment is of high level, you can then choose to siphon it or dismantle it accordingly to gather rewards.

After reaching level 40 in Invention, you can switch the Human Tech Tree to either Cave Goblin or Dwarven Tech Tree. This will make a difference on the items that you’ll unlock first, but not much. It doesn’t really matter which tree you start with, because ultimately, you’ll be able to craft every item listed.

While levelling up your Invention, you will also become familiar with the Inspiration Currency, and how it can be used to discover various blueprints. Inspiration can be gained by normally playing the game and achieving higher levels, and speaking in terms of blueprint, you will have to solve a puzzle so that fewer Inspirations are used.


The next thing you should know from this rs3 invention guide, as that when you dismantle an item, you will receive parts that can be used to craft Gizmos. You can do this by dragging the item over the Invention button, which is right next to your Currency Pouch. Depending on what item is being dragged over, you will be granted some experience, and once the levelling process begins, you will start to unlock more and more Gizmos, as well as items. You will eventually get the opportunity to augment various weapons and items.

You can begin the process by heading over to an Invention workbench and making Augmentors. You can use these to apply to an item, which then allows you to add Gizmos for better perks. The adding phase can be done through the Invention interface, and the perks will be better as the quality of the items increases. Before adding the parts to it, you will have to make Gizmo Shells first. You will have access to a total of five slots, where five common items need to be added, along with raw materials for each slot.

Once the item has been augmented, you can start levelling up invention training rs3. If you want to use this process for Combat or Slayer, then you must augment the weapons and armor pieces of your choice, add the perks accordingly, and then train the skill as you normally do. Once you reach level 10 or such, you can dismantle the item to gain experience. Do remember that the augmented equipment works with charges, so if you run out, you can increase it by purchasing Divine Charges. However, it’s best that you create your own charges, because they can be quite expensive.

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