Runescape – Review

Runescape, the name of the game suggests a whimsical, crazy, and overall fun world, but is that what it really is? The game is mainly populated by younger aged children, most of whom are around the age of 10 – 14. This obviously stems a spew of immaturity, and rather sub par jokes. The game itself, however, deserves a legitimate review, one not factoring in the idle chit chat that one may engage in with another player. The following is just that, an unbiased, pure review of this game as if it were any other
Upon entering the game, one comes to the realization that it is not very visually pleasing. We must keep in mind that Runescape is completely browser based, and requires no download. While the graphics could be slightly better, they are impressive for a completely browser based game. The nicely polished environment is a stark contrast to the appearance of the character, which is clunky and cube like.
Bottom line – The graphics could use some work, but considering the age and fact that this game is browser based they are acceptable.

The sound in the game has its ups and downs, the sound effects (such as casting a spell, etc.) are very disappointing. These sounds consist of annoying bloops and splashes that lend absolutely nothing to the experience. Luckily there is an option to mute these irritating sounds. Music, on the other hand is quite impressive, it is clear that the game developers wanted the game to sound good, possibly to make up for what they were lacking in with graphics. In the game, there are about 700 different songs, many of which are available to non-paying players. As a player moves around the game world, a new song that is matched to the area they are in is played, but there is also an option to play and track that you have encountered or “unlocked.”
Bottom line – The disappointment of the sound effects is easily made up for in quality music that can be found in many different forms.

Game play
While the game sounds boring being it that actions are made by clicking on an object that is seen, or a monster you encounter. This simple system is strangely addictive, it also makes it easy to multitask, so that you can perhaps go fishing while writing an upcoming paper. The game, unlike others, is not completely based around combat, there are plenty of other things to do in the world, for a non paying player there are 9 non combat, individual skills, including fishing, crafting, and others. There is almost never nothing to do, with many quests for the player to complete, and several PVP mini games to remove any boredom you may have. The economy in the game is ever evolving, the system for selling items is ever evolving, with prices rising and plummeting at very predictable and sometimes unpredictable rates. This adds an element of realism to the game, meaning that your system of money making will collapse, forcing you to move on to a new one.
Bottom line – The game is filled with both relaxingly slow processes, and fast paced PVP action, an ever evolving economy, and endless ways to enjoy leave the player feeling satisfied.

Runescape is overall a fun game, despite the immaturity of some players, it can easily be ignored, considering all of these factors, the game is filled with endless game play, and a perfectly seamless world. The multiple factors just mentioned contribute to a genuinely fun experience, it is a good way to kill time, and a nice hobby to have.